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Make your company a safe, efficient, and controlled environment.

Discover all that we can achieve together

The 2Personnel® modules integrate flawlessly with your current systems to provide greater process automation.


Efficiently ensures compliance with standards, policies, and procedures companies have in place for access control of all individuals and vehicles, ensuring that activities align and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.


Offers advanced, reliable, and speedy solutions for person and vehicles identification, guaranteeing process accuracy and security.


Ensures effective and secure control of access for both individuals and vehicles, preventing unauthorized entries and ensuring compliance with set requirements for each area, thereby guaranteeing a safe and controlled environment within the organization


Completely adaptable and configurable to all verticals

A solution tailored to your company's needs, meeting all its requirements and business rules

Flexible, configurable, and adaptable

Modular and scalable

Multi-Site and Multi-Company

Integrates with your current systems (ERPs and others)

Unified data source


Operates in Online and Offline modes


Are you ready to make your company safer and a more efficiently managed place?

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