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Born for your peace of mind

People are the most valuable asset.

Driving the growth and success of your company

With 2P®, the processes of management and control of people are performed optimally, quickly, and without errors, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and those specific to each company, such as medical examinations, insurance policies, inductions, training, among others.

What is 2Personnel®?

2Personnel® is a comprehensive technology solution providing an automated and highly efficient process for registering and identifying individuals, including employees, contractors, subcontractors, visitors, and government officials. It ensures strict compliance with regulations, policies, procedures, and access requirements.


Our solution includes full automation of the accreditation processes for all individuals and vehicles, fixed and mobile access controls, attendance tracking, as well as the management and oversight of transportation, dining facilities, and lodging.


We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies, adhering rigorously to industry best practices. Customized to meet the distinct requirements of each client, our solution not only maintains corporate guidelines and legal benchmarks but also satisfies stringent cybersecurity criteria.


Our solution optimizes processes in key areas such as Security, Occupational Health, Human Resources, General Services, Contracts, Operations, among others.

We have extensive experience in handling complex scenarios, involving thousands of people, multiple locations, various companies, different business rules, and challenging operating environments. Additionally, we integrate with your current systems such as ERPs and other platforms to provide greater process automation.

2Personnel® is unmatched in its field. For over 30 years we have grown alongside the needs of our clients, building trustworthy relationships for their world-class demands.


COT launched. The initial version, focused on identification solutions and people access control, providing advanced management and security tools.


Personnel® created as an enhanced solution incorporating Accreditation, Transportation, and Lodging modules, reaffirming the commitment to automate staff management and control processes efficiently and securely.


New web version of 2Personnel® launched, marking a milestone in technological evolution, and offering a modern and accessible experience to clients.


Atenea introduced. A version integrating the existing modules on the same platform, offering a complete solution for identification and people control.


2Personnel® redesign, becoming more flexible, configurable, and adaptable, resulting in a highly adaptable version configurable to each client's business rules.

A comprehensive solution incorporating all the necessary components to ensure continual operations.


Integration with current systems


Multi-Technology (Biometrics, RFID, Mobility, BC)

Cyber Security

On Line - Off Line


Adaptation to processes and business rules


Functional | Operational | Administrative | On Site – Off Site

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